Anthem Coffee Puyallup Hours

Anthem Coffee Puyallup – Hours and Locations

If you’re searching for an amazing coffeehouse in Puyallup, look no further than Anthem Coffee. With a mission to create unique experiences that change lives and bring people back, Anthem Coffee focuses on loving and serving people, preparing top-notch handcrafted food and beverages, and fostering real relationships.

Here are the hours for Anthem Coffee locations in Puyallup:

Location Contact Hours
Downtown Puyallup (253) 446-7941 7 AM – 5 PM
Sunrise Village (253) 446-6607 7 AM – 5 PM
Sunrise Medical Campus (253) 271-1309 Closed

Anthem Coffee is dedicated to offering a delightful experience to coffee enthusiasts, whether they choose to dine in or opt for takeout or delivery. The prices are quite reasonable, making it a great choice for a casual meet-up or a quick break during a busy day.

Don’t miss out on Anthem Coffee’s tempting menu, featuring an array of delectable options to pair with your favorite coffee or tea. From artisanal sandwiches to mouthwatering pastries, there’s something to satisfy every craving.

If you’re wondering about Ebb and Flow Coffee, it’s worth noting that Anthem Coffee has its unique identity and strives to create memorable experiences for its patrons, setting itself apart in the local culinary scene.

Whether you’re a resident of Puyallup or just passing through, make sure to carve out some time to visit Anthem Coffee. The friendly staff and inviting ambiance are sure to make your visit a memorable one. Plus, there’s nothing quite like savoring a perfectly brewed cup of coffee in a warm and welcoming environment.

So, next time you find yourself in Puyallup, treat yourself to a delightful experience at Anthem Coffee. To stay updated on their latest offerings and events, follow them on social media or visit their website.

Remember, at Anthem Coffee, it’s not just about the coffee; it’s about creating connections and leaving a lasting impression on everyone who walks through their doors.

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