Sushi Happy Hour

Sushi Happy Hour

The Best Sushi Happy Hour Spots in Austin, Texas

When it comes to enjoying a delightful dining experience, nothing beats the allure of sushi. In Austin, Texas, sushi enthusiasts are in for a treat with a myriad of restaurants offering fantastic sushi happy hour specials. Whether you’re craving nigiri, handrolls, or maki rolls, Austin has something for everyone during happy hour.

Top Sushi Happy Hour Spots

Restaurant Rating Review
BarChi Sushi 2.1K reviews “Very good happy hour and the staff is great!”
RA Sushi Bar Restaurant 989 reviews “Best spot for happy hour sushi”
Maiko Sushi Lounge When did Uchi Austin open? 2003

Discover a range of food preferences at Maki TOKI where you can enjoy half-price food and drinks during their sushi happy hour. Crispy sushi rolls, delectable handrolls, and flavorful nigiri await you for an unforgettable dining experience.

Sushi Happy Hour


Sushi Happy Hour


Why Choose Sushi Happy Hour?

  • Discounted appetizers, sushi, and maki rolls
  • Creative cocktails and grilled skewers
  • Opportunity to explore new sushi flavors
  • Relaxed ambiance and friendly staff

Austin’s sushi scene boasts not only great sushi but also incredible happy hour deals that cater to sushi lovers on any budget. From traditional sushi to vegan options, you can find a happy hour spot that suits your taste and preferences.

Order Online for Convenience

If you prefer to enjoy sushi in the comfort of your home, many sushi restaurants in Austin offer online ordering services. Skip the line and have your favorite sushi dishes delivered right to your doorstep.


Don’t Miss Out on the Best Sushi Happy Hours

Craving sushi? Make sure to explore the diverse happy hour options available in Austin. Whether you’re in the mood for California rolls, sashimi, or specialty cocktails, sushi happy hour spots in Austin have you covered.

For the latest updates on sushi happy hour specials, be sure to check out your favorite sushi restaurants Ntinos Pizza websites or social media pages. Follow their promotions and treat yourself to an incredible sushi experience at discounted prices.

So, next time you’re looking for an affordable sushi happy hour or lunch special in Austin, remember to explore the numerous options available in the city. With so many fantastic sushi spots to choose from, your taste buds are in for a delightful journey!


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