Westport Coffee House Hours

Westport Coffee House Hours

Westport Coffee House is a popular neighborhood cafe located in Kansas City. Known for its great sandwiches, desserts, and live music events in their downstairs theater, Westport Coffee House is a must-visit spot for coffee lovers and music enthusiasts.

Day Hours
Sunday 8 AM – 2 PM
Monday 8 AM – 2 PM
Tuesday 7:30 AM – 2 PM
Wednesday 7:30 AM – 2 PM
Thursday 7:30 AM – 2 PM
Friday 7:30 AM – 2 PM
Saturday 8 AM – 2 PM

During weekdays, Westport Coffee House opens its doors at 7:30 AM and serves customers until 2 PM. However, on weekends, the coffee house starts at 8 AM and closes at 2 PM.

Customer reviews rave about the small yet cozy space of Westport Coffee House. The live music performances in the downstairs theater add to the ambiance of the cafe, making it a unique and enjoyable experience for visitors.

Here are what some customers have to say about Westport Coffee House:

  1. “Great coffee, great cakes, great service, great price!” – Mike Diviney
  2. “The best selection of alternate milks (rice, almond, coconut, soy).” – Richard Moorhead
  3. “Small space but great music and staff.” – Lee Guerro

If you’re a fan of jazz music, make sure to check out the Westport Coffee House Theater. They host various jazz events, showcasing talented recording artists. It’s a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the business of jazz artistry.

In addition to the Westport Coffee House, there are other coffee shops in the Westport area worth exploring:

  • Broadway CafĂ©
  • Filling Station Coffee
  • Cafe Corazon
  • Westport Cafe French
  • Post Coffee Company

For more information, you can visit Westport Coffee House’s Facebook page and website:

Don’t miss out on the delicious coffee, mouthwatering desserts, and incredible live music at Westport Coffee House. Plan your visit during their operating hours to experience the vibrant atmosphere and satisfy your cravings for good food and great music.

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