What Time Does Applebee’S Start Serving Breakfast?

What Time Does Applebee’s Start Serving Breakfast?

Applebee’s is a popular chain of restaurants known for its delicious American cuisine and welcoming atmosphere. Many customers wonder about the breakfast hours at Applebee’s. Whether you’re an early riser or simply craving breakfast at non-traditional hours, finding out when Applebee’s serves breakfast is crucial to satisfy those cravings.

What Time Does Applebee'S Start Serving Breakfast?

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Applebee’s Breakfast Hours

Applebee’s typically starts serving breakfast at 7 am. This is the perfect time for early birds, busy professionals, and families to enjoy a mouth-watering breakfast to kick-start their day. The breakfast menu at Applebee’s offers a variety of options, including classics like eggs, bacon, pancakes, and more.

Applebee’s Breakfast Menu

The breakfast menu at Applebee’s is designed to cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. From hearty breakfast platters to lighter options, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic American breakfast or a healthier choice, Applebee’s has you covered. The menu is carefully crafted to satisfy the cravings of morning diners.

Applebee’s Locations and Hours

With numerous locations across the United States, including Austin, Texas, finding an Applebee’s nearby is convenient. Each location adheres to the standard breakfast hours, allowing customers to enjoy their favorite breakfast dishes at a consistent time. Additionally, the flexible hours make it easier for individuals with varying schedules to indulge in a delightful breakfast experience.

Applebee’s Specials and Happy Hour Menu

Aside from the regular breakfast menu, Applebee’s also offers specials and a fantastic happy hour menu. This provides customers with even more options to enjoy a complete dining experience. Whether you prefer a classic breakfast or a unique special, Applebee’s aims to satisfy your cravings.

What Time Does Applebee'S Start Serving Breakfast?

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Finding an Applebee’s Near You

If you’re eager to enjoy breakfast at Applebee’s, finding a location nearby is essential. By utilizing the Applebee’s website or contacting your local restaurant, you can easily find a convenient spot to satisfy your breakfast desires. This ensures that you can experience Applebee’s breakfast offerings without traveling far.


In conclusion, Applebee’s starts serving breakfast at 7 am, offering a diverse menu to cater to varying tastes and preferences. With numerous locations and consistent breakfast hours, Applebee’s is the perfect destination for anyone seeking a delightful morning dining experience. Whether you’re craving a classic breakfast or interested in specials, Applebee’s is ready to provide a satisfying breakfast experience.

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